Yoga Pod

  • Sunday 4:30PM

  • Tuesday 4:30PM

Come sweat out the demons. The class is hot—like, 105 degrees—and humid—like, 40% humidity. You do a bunch of standing poses, lay down to reset, and then blow out some postures on the floor. The class is pretty much the same every time. When the postures don't change, you get to be witness to the thing that does—you. All levels of students are welcome. Probably, you know, hydrate beforehand. It's kind of good sense.

Power Vinyasa

Here, we work. This class begins with a warm up, heads into Sun Salutations, plays around with standing poses, dabbles in arm balancing, but remains suitable for everyone. You don't need an established practice to enjoy this class. We work on refining the fundamentals while exploring options to increase depth. We don't take ourselves too seriously. We link up with the breath and see what happens from there. It usually ends up being some good shit that brings us back to the mat. 

This one’s the marriage—the statistically improbable happy marriage. We take postures from PodHot and the flow-style of vinyasa and enjoy them in one class. It’s less hot than PodHot and hotter than my heated vinyasa classes. The sequence is pretty well set; you’ll do most of the same stuff from one class to the next. It’s actually my favorite class to take, so I’m thrilled to get to teach it.

Hot Vin Fusion™

Yoga Pod

  • Tuesday 8AM

  • Thursday 8AM