I'm so fortunate in the places I get to teach. They are also the places I like to take class. I'm a bit surprised that these joints let me stand at the front of the room and say yoga things, but they do, and I have an awfully good time doing it. 


Yoga Pod

Yoga Pod is a studio in South Reno. Far south. It's bright and super clean. There are three studio rooms, two of which can get pretty darn hot and humid if we tell them to. In additional to your traditional yoga studio offerings like vinyasa and yin classes, Yoga Pod has barre and fit classes. It's a friendly environment in which to get your ass handed to you. 

13981 S Virginia St #402b
Reno, NV 89511

Website here.



Mesa Rim

Mesa Rim is Reno’s raddest climbing gym. The walls are high. The climbers are friendly. The routes are really damn hard. And the yoga is solid.

970 Harvard Way
Reno, NV 89502

Website here.